Sunday, 25 September 2016

Google Allo Review,Features,(For Android)-Tech News

Google Allo Review:

Here All about Google Allo:-

After many days google planned to launch massaging app in after several of day google launched instant massaging app called “Google Allo”. It will be come with several feature we listed directly connect Gmail Id and its wonderful feature is a Google Assistant it allows to user to check everything. Suppose user need to check his/her email that also possible with Google Allo. It gives freely interface and better way to communication also.

Google Allo
During chat need to search out something so it also possible using Google Allo, EX- User need write first google in Chat box that time one dialog box appeared there and after selecting this goggle find out result and give answer.

Some other feature we listed here in sort way They helpful to easy understanding.

Google Allo Summery:-

Google Allo is an instant messaging mobile app.

Developed by: Google

Lunch:21 September 2016.

Google Allo Feature:-

Smart Replay (allow user to replay without typing)

Whisper Shout: allow to Increase or decrease text size.

Incognito mode: Say it privately in Incognito mode.provide time base auto deletion massage (security purpose)

Google assistant: Here you ask Question and get smart answer like (play game, news etc.)

Turn on photo into Art

Sticker Collection

Above Short feature listed by tech News